CloudERP loves starters to set up lead follow-up & invoicing

Renotte Consultancy is specialized in services for the retail business. As a young entrepreneur with a tight budget, Jeremy Renotte evaluated a few CRM systems, but many of them fell short in functionality. He was looking for an easy-to-use solution, that could be accessed from anywhere to follow up his leads and sales. Yet at the same time he needed an integrated invoicing solution, if possible with a structured banking communication so payments could be matched easily. Odoo proved to be the best fit for him.

What are the outcomes?

CloudERP quickly understood what my business was about. I told them I was looking for a comprehensive, yet affordable solution. Their approach was hands-on and very much suited for a company of my size.
The capabilities of their solution were those that I thought could only be implemented for big companies… But they got a clear view on my business needs.  Just a few days later they sent me an email already, asking me if  “I was ready to invoice my first customer”.
Quite amazing, don’t you think?”

said Jeremy Renotte with a grin.


JerimyRenotte RW