Eolides implements Odoo CRM and invoice management

Eolides is an engineering office established by a civil engineer with expertise in real estate. Eolides carries out various types of assessments and audits, and is a trusted advisor in the field of construction, both for individual home owners and businesses.

Eolides offers a wide range of services, from real estate expertise, building thermography audits and certification, as well as eco-construction and bioclimatic tips and advice on energy performance of buildings.

The company was looking for a solution that could ease the project planning of the various visits to customer sites. At the same time they wanted to have a complete view on all the parties involved in their projects (customers, third-party, insurance companies…). And due to the invoicing methods, Eolides also requested the right tooling to do the proper follow-up of the payments.

Implementing Odoo allowed Eolides to have a quick yet detailed overview of all the projects and their current stage. The holistic view provides concise information on all the key elements (parties involved, geographic information, planning data and stages). Invoices can be created aligned with the project status and payment follow-up is now a breeze because payment reminders are triggered automatically.  

CloudERP was key to the success because they took the time to properly investigate the processes and because they had the ability to think out-of-the-box to adapt the software with little effort to the exact needs of Eolides.

Eolides chose for the Odoo Apps because the apps were perceived as very intuitive and easy to use. The Kanban view is highly appreciated because it offers a wealth of information in a remarkably clever and clear view.

"With Odoo, CloudERP made the planning of our daily work a breeze. We have all relevant information immediately at hand, while maintaining a perfect view on all the stakeholders in our projects. Also the time we spend on invoicing and the proper payment follow-up has reduced dramatically",

logo eolides 200 said Vincent Marchal administrator at SPRL Eolides, Namur