As from the Odoo11 release, the accounting functionalities such as Budget, Assets and Accounting Reports have been removed from the Odoo CE (Community Edition)

However, some accounting functionality remains available in the Community Edition of Odoo 12 and 13, but is "hidden" within the Invoicing app. 

 Odoo12E License Pricing Accounting and Billing is free of charge


To run a tight administration with Odoo 12, all you need is the Invoicing and Accounting apps. A fully licensed Odoo 12 Enterprise with, say 5 users, and those two apps will cost you ZERO EUR/year.

professional webmaster services

Even with the best content focussed CMS system, there's still some finesse needed to give a website that top pro look and feel. There are a number of skills that an experienced webmaster has that can set a site apart from the rest. You can manage well to build a highly business ready website with Joomla. With our help you will very likely take your site to the next level.

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We are proud to announce that ViBel, the Belgian Hypergrid enabled virtual world, now has a feature rich community platform, which enables its users to

SomethingElse Logo

There is a new kid in town: Schilde has a brand new high fashion hair studio, called Something Else.  We were privileged to create it's young stylish house style, design a curly logo and implement a gorgeously looking responsive website in blue and pink colour tones.