Odoo12E License Pricing Accounting and Billing is free of charge


If you are looking for an excellent accounting application for your start-up or mid sized business, then consider Odoo.
As announced in May 2019, Odoo's offer still stands for a free-for-life accounting & billing license with unlimited users.
A fully licensed Odoo 15 Enterprise online edition and those two apps will cost you ZERO EUR/year.

To get the free-for-life accounting & invoicing license

  • Go to odoo.com and click on [Pricing]
  • Select the number of users (typically, that would be minimally you and your accountant)
  • Click on Accounting (16 EUR/month), you will notice that Invoicing (8 EUR/month) will be automatically selected
  • Notice on your right side, that your Monthly and Annual cost is zero EUR, those applications are FREE as long as you don't need more aps or hosting options.
  • Now click on [Start Now] and fill in your company data.

And what would be the cost to run a web shop as an eCommerce Business with inventory management and a full administration?

Runnig a fully featured eCommerce business with those 5 users with Odoo 15 Enterprise license would cost less than 200 EUR per month (2.328 EUR per year ex VAT to be exact).

Again, check it out at Odoo.com/Pricing

(All mentioned prices are valid only on the date of writing this article and are VAT EXcluded).

Odoo12E License Pricing ECommerce Business 5 Users


Can't I run my eCommerce website and business administration using Odoo 15 Community Edition, which is FREE ?

Bluntly said, that is not a good idea. Odoo's truly useful eCommerce features to run a decent web business are only available in its Enterprise license.  We don't recommend working with the bare basics of Odoo CE for that purpose.

However there are a set of excellent alternative solutions such as Magento eCommerce, LightSpeedJoomla with VirtueMart and the exquisite AcyMailing for precise email and SMS communication. We are keen to guide you to help decide what is your best path in terms of quality, cost, timing and sustainability.

Talk to us, call +32 472 820 696.  We love to share thoughts and assist with tuning your needs.
At the very least, you will be well prepared to oversee the battle field when you proceed.