What's New in Odoo in 2018?

Announced as Odoo 11 at the Odoo Experience days of Oct 2nd-Oct 6th of last year, the new Odoo release has now lost it's version number in the company's public communication.  The 2018 release of Odoo is a somewhat cleaned up version of its predecessor.

It's more customizable, which allows to make it fit for more company requirementss.

Odoo 11 is 3x faster than v10, the much needed speed improvements are the result of a complete rebuild of the code.

Odoo's mobile app has updated and is now available for free in the app store.

The new settings application allows you to change settings of diverse apps without having to go back and forth between apps

For power users, there are a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts to level up the user experience.

A better navigation makes it more organic to feel comfortable using the interface.