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Even with the best content focussed CMS system, there's still a lot of finesse to give a website that top pro look and feel, which only comes with practice and experience. There are a number of skills that an experienced webmaster has that can set a site apart from the rest. Although you may be able to build a site with a highly business ready system like Joomla, you're likely missing out on some crucial understanding that will take your site to the next level.

That's why it is in your best interest to trust a service provider like CloudERP to develop and manage your website.

Announced as Odoo 11 at the Odoo Experience days of Oct 2nd-Oct 6th of last year, the new Odoo release has now lost it's version number in the company's public communication.  The 2018 release of Odoo is a somewhat cleaned up version of its predecessor.

man balancing

We are upgrading our website to the new 2018 look and feel.

You might experience a glitch here and there, while we are tuning the web pages.
Thanks a lot for your understanding and for bearing with us for just a little while. 

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