NBN, the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation goes live with Odoo's latest v13 Enterprise release, a Belgian App based ERP system. We are proud to announce that CloudERP was selected as the implementation partner of choice, after a series of sprints, organised to evaluate the methodology and customer centric approach of each of the shortlisted Odoo partners.

NBN opted to step into release 13 for the maturity level of its Analytical Accounting System and the performant visual usabilty of its HR Management apps. Since the Bureau of Standardisation earns its business based on recurring billing, managing subscriptions with Odoo is pretty straightforward.

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The magic words for this release to be top nodge, copy-theft protection optimized and future proof are

Technology Features Protection
CMS Engine: Joomla 3.9.x Responsive Layout, with specific accents for PC, Tablet & Phone RightClick Copy/Save Protected
Bootstrap 4 Framework Retina Ready: looks awesome on High Resolution Display Watermarked Photo's
Powerful Portfolio Management, Optimized for Speed CSRF Token Based
both Front-End and Back-End SEO Optimized  

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As from the Odoo11 release, the accounting functionalities such as Budget, Assets and Accounting Reports have been removed from the Odoo CE (Community Edition)

However, some accounting functionality remains available in the Community Edition of Odoo 12 and 13, but is "hidden" within the Invoicing app. 

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We are proud to announce that ViBel, the Belgian Hypergrid enabled virtual world, now has a feature rich community platform, which enables its users to