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We are upgrading our website to the new 2018 look and feel.

You might experience a glitch here and there, while we are tuning the web pages in 3 languages.
We call it "normal behavior". After all, we are banging on things.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and for bearing with us for just a little while. 

SomethingElse Logo

There is a new kid in town: Schilde has a brand new high fashion hair studio, called Something Else.  We were privileged to create it's young stylish house style, design a curly logo and implement a gorgeously looking responsive website in blue and pink colour tones.

The website is a brand new always-up-to-date Joomla CMS and fully focussed on "mobile first". It will soon be enriched with its a web shop for its own branded hair care solutions and casual dress wear. 

Have a look at SomethingElse.Studio and let us know what you think of it.

... is not difficult nor expensive to achieve.  Managing a well implemented DMS however requires a methodical person or team, as you can imagine. Our focus in this article is aimed at using the tools, the display methods and the security handling that we practice and recommend to small and large organizations.

Bouncing the Balls

Rushabh Mehta, Director of the newly founded ERPNext Foundation published an open letter to the Odoo community, stating that the native Belgian Odoo (formerly called OpenERP) ERP solution is a "batteries not included" system with (too) many closed modules, usability and security issues.  ERPNext believes that it is already affecting Odoo by pushing it to build better user experience and keeping more stuff open source.  So there we are.  We took up the glove and took the challenge to verify up to what degree ERPNext is business ready, particularly for the Western Market place.


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Over ons

Met een werkervaring in e-business sinds de jaren 90 begrijpen we wat werkt, wat niet werkt en wat groei drijft. Ons doel is om onze klanten hun business model te helpen ontwikkelen, om in elke markt en elk kanaal effectief te zijn.

CloudERP helpt u om B2B en B2C klanten deskundig te bereiken in elk kanaal waar ze actief zijn. Door onze expertise in Product Information Management (PIM), kunnen we de juiste fundamenten voor een omni-channel aanwezigheid te creëren, inclusief print. Dit geeft de e-commerce oplossing die merkbeleving realiseert en succesvolle verkoop mogelijk maakt.