Belgian online sales considerably improved in 2015.  6,8 million Belgian residents concluded 81 million online transactions for 8,241 billion Euros. Holland accounted for 142 million online transactions for a total amount of 16,07 billion Euro.

"These figures illustrate that Belgium has catched up hugely in the e-commerce area. We are now in a better European average and thus leaving many European countries already behind us, "explains Patricia Ceysens, President of BeCommerce.

BeCommerce Infographic2015Q1Q4

75% of the Belgian population aged 15 years or older has shopped online. In the fourth quarter alone, they spent 2.17 billion online. In total there were 22.35 million online purchases on the counter. The consumer sends an average of 97 euros per online purchase. Belgian e-commerce is experiencing strong growth that continues year after year, and which will continue to be expected to continue, "explains Patricia Ceysens.

15% of all expenditure in the fourth quarter for goods and services was spent online. What is striking is that e-commerce accounts for only 8% of total spending when it comes to purchasing a product, while the majority of services (60%) can be purchased on the internet.

Read the original article in Dutch on BeCommerce

According to the Dutch "Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor", online sales in the Netherlands in 2015 increased with 17,4% to 142 million transactions for a total of 16,07 billion Euro.


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