IIn today’s hyper connected world, brands are fighting for customers’ attention. CloudERP’s vision is to provide timely, personalized marketing and communication and we believe our opportunity to achieve this lies in creating unified, omni-channel digital and human experiences.

We strongly believe that creating a customer experience that delights your customers leads the path to growth and we are keen to realise that ambition with you. We truly think we can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How we see our role

We see ourselves in an inspiring and coordinating role to help with ideation, production, distribution, promotion and performance of omni-channel content in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) way.

To do so, our services include:

  • help to create and drive a strategic content and publishing plan by audience
  • oversee the creation of content to ensure it meets the content guidelines, including brand and tone of voice.
  • define engaging content and then target each audience using a range of marketing channels
  • unify messaging and content to target customers at their defined level
  • share content within the organization
  • drive and report performance metrics to optimize content through frequent testing and data analysis to maximize ROI.




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Having worked in e-business since the 90’s we understand what works, what doesn’t and what drives growth. Our goal is to help our customers evolve their business model so they can excel in every market or channel.

CloudERP helps you reach B2B and B2C clients with a seamless experience in every channel where they are active. Through our expertise in product information management (PIM), we can create the right fundamentals for an omni-channel presence including print. This provides the e-commerce solution that enables brand experience and drives sales.